How To Vacuum A Pool Tutorial

How To Vacuum Pool Tutorial: Easy Steps For A Cleaner Pool

After some time, your pool will hold dirt and particles at the lower most part, and you’ll need to vacuum to make it clean. You can do this easily as long as you have a vacuum hose, pool vacuum head, and a telescopic pole. While performing your timely pool cleaning and maintenance, it’s advisable to check the pressure gauge, located on your pool’s filter, to know if debris has accumulated, therefore requiring it to be back washed.

So, now check out our how to vacuum a pool tutorial for all the steps towards a cleaner pool.

How To Vacuum A Pool Tutorial

Must-Haves for Pool Vacuuming

You need to ensure you have everything set for the job before you vacuum your pool. Here’s what you’ll need to get the job done:
Telescopic pole and vacuum head.
Vacuum plate.
Vacuum hose.

Getting Started

1. Put together Your Pool Vacuum

The first step is quick and easy. You just have to attach the vacuum head to the telescoping pole. However, make sure it doesn’t snap on easily.

2. Assemble the Vacuum Hose

You should attach on end of the hose to the head of the vacuum, and attach the remaining end to your skimmer with the help of the vacuum plate. Keep in mind that you must first take off the skimmer basket.

3. Select a Filter Valve Setting

If you want to perform some light vacuuming, you can turn your multiport valve filter set to “Filter”. For larger tasks and those involving large amounts of debris, set the filter system to “Waste”. The latter sends water down the drain, instead of through the filter.

4. Begin the Vacuuming

Move the vacuum the same way you’d do with a real vacuum on a rag. Maintain slow and linear passes. In some cases, whenever the pool is very dirty, you’ll have to pause and empty the pump strainer before you can proceed. Repeat this as many times as possible, until all debris is removed from the floor of the pool.

5. Disconnect, Adjust the Filter Settings, and Perform a Last Cleanup

Once you’ve vacuumed your pool fully, it’s now time to disconnect the vacuum head and hoses. Remember to clean the bottom of the skimmer. If you’d adjusted the filter pump settings, ensure you change them back. As you finish, attach a brush to the telescoping pole and scrub the pool floor and sides.

With this how to vacuum pool tutorial, you’ll be able to vacuum your pool anytime with ease. And finally, you will be able to have summer parties whenever you want!